Bryden Holdings Limited

Along with a commitment to excellent service, disciplined acquisition, and continual growth, Bryden Holdings is distinguished by its customer-first approach to business. For more than 96 years, we have connected customers to top-brand products. We enable businesses to thrive, economies to prosper, and help individuals to realize their ambitions.

Executive Management

Bryden Holdings’ executive management team brings together leaders with varied yet complementary experience in the supply and distribution industries. They are seasoned professionals with a forward-looking vision and an entrepreneurial spirit.
Group Chief Executive Officer
Other Executives

Our Businesses

The different businesses across the Bryden Holdings Group collectively serve hundreds of thousands of consumers every year. Each business tailors its unique value proposition to the needs of customers in that particular market. We manage our businesses in a decentralized, autonomous manner to ensure focus, strong entrepreneurial spirit, and close relationships with customers and suppliers.
Brydens Trinidad & Tobago
Brydens powers businesses by supplying them with a wide range high-quality products from world-renowned brands.
BRYDENpi Limited
BRYDENpi Limited enhances lives in the Caribbean by supplying top-rated brands in the pharmaceutical, medical, food, personal care and professional care.
FTFarfan Limited
The #1 Industrial Supply company in Trinidad and Tobago for the energy, petrochemical, industrial, construction, agricultural and transport sectors.
BPI Guyana
Wholesale Distributor of Pharmaceutical & Consumer Products in Guyana.
Armstrong Health Care Inc.
Armstrong Health Care is a pharmaceutical distribution company which provides medical and diagnostic needs that are cutting edge and relevant in this ever-changing sector. AHCI is passionate about making these highly demanded, quality items available both locally and across the region.
ICON - Ibis Construction Equipment Sales & Rentals Inc
ICON is an equipment sales and rental company, and the only authorized dealer for JCB in Guyana.
Franco Trading & Distribution Limited
A distributor of a variety of food, personal and home care products.
Micon Marketing Limited is a leading Marketing and Distribution Company based in Trinidad & Tobago.
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