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Introducing Our Latest Fur-tastic Addition: Monello Pet Food

We're thrilled to wag our tails with excitement as we announce the newest paw-some addition to our offerings - our brand new pet line!
Here at Micon Marketing Ltd., we've always been passionate about providing the very best, and we couldn't be happier to extend our commitment to quality and care to your beloved companions.

Whether your loyal companion is a playful pup or a curious kitty, we've got something special in store for them.
Monello is considered a special premium pet food and consists of a complete range for both dogs and cats. A key factor, which gives Monello the edge over other premium brands, is that Monello Dog and Cat food has over 80% digestibility. What does this mean? It means less quantity and smell from faeces.

The Monello Dog range includes puppies, small breed puppies, small breed adult dogs and medium/large breed dogs and senior/mature dogs, with a food specifically designed for each.
The Monello Cat range includes kittens, adult cats, neutered/spayed cats, and cats that get hairballs quite often (especially long haired cats).

Monello is not only enriched with all the essential oils and nutrients your pet requires, but it also helps to promote healthy skin, fur, teeth and digestive systems amongst other health benefits.

At Micon Marketing Ltd., we understand the unique bond you share with your pets, and we're dedicated to bringing you products that enrich their lives and bring joy to your home. With our new pet lines, you can trust that you're providing nothing but the best for your furry pals, because they deserve nothing less!
We invite you to explore our new pet lines today and treat your pets to the love and care they deserve.
Wagging tails and purrs of delight await!

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