November 10, 2023

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – November 10th, 2023. A.S. Bryden & Sons Holdings Limited (“A.S. Bryden”) today, in a ceremony held at the Jamaica Stock Exchange, successfully listed its existing shares on the market. The Group’s intent at this time is not to raise capital but to be in a position to access capital when needed. 

In his remarks, CEO Richard Pandohie urged interested investors to be patient as big plans are loading, “The Group will be doubling down in creating synergistic value; we are in the process of building out a US$30M warehouse in the center of Trinidad. We are expanding our Guyana and Barbados footprint and since acquisition we have expanded our workforce from 1,263 to 1,565 persons a clear signal for a growth agenda.” 

The CEO also stated that 54% of the employee workforce chose to buy shares in the Group, which is a huge positive indicator and “they will work tirelessly to endorse this vote of confidence in the vision.” 

In a release date October 31 2023, P.B. Scott, Chairman of A.S. Bryden said, “Becoming a publicly listed company is a fitting way to commemorate A.S. Bryden’s 100 years in business. Listing on the largest, most active stock market in the Caribbean will create greater opportunities for the company, its employees and its shareholders and reflects the regional scope of our business.” 

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